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Four Seasons

I am fortunate to be one of only a few personal trainers invited to train at the newly updated Four Seasons Hotel Gym in downtown Vancouver.  Equipped with brand new Life Fitness Squat Racks, Barbells, Free Weights, Cardio Equipment and an indoor/ outdoor pool.

791 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC 

V6C 2T4

Each one of us lives a completely unique life and it is my job to understand and support your needs.  All programs are custom designed to you.  Meaning whatever you goals are we strategically build towards them. 

Training should be dynamic and our training should support you in every aspect of your life.  The gym is a tool designed to optimize your physical well being, and it is my job to efficiently maximize its use.

Personal Training should be fun.  It is a serious job to change the body composition of a person, to aid in their physical literacy, and to build confidence.  

But if we aren't having fun, those things won't happen.

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Kevin Maynard

Personal Training + Nutrition Coach

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Louise Loops

Simon Pelland

Sarah Salsera

Voted one of the top 11 Trainers in Vancouver in 2017

791 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6C 2T4

Phone: (604) 240-1539 


The best PT - truly works with you as an individual and with where you are at. Kevin bought me back from ACL surgery with a world of encouragement, tailored exercise and just the best amount of enthusiasm! Hugely knowledgeable and passionate - you won't find better.

I have had the privilege of working with Kevin since the day he landed in Vancouver and haven't stopped since because of his drive to be better everyday and because of his fantastic attitude.

Kevin makes you sweat hard without even realizing you were doing a work out. I think its the way he encourages you and makes the workouts look easier than what they actually are. One of the best trainers I have trained with.

My Approach

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About Kevin

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As a long time coach and former athlete I've been around the block when it comes to body transformation and staying strong. The last few years have been all about being the best coach possible. 

In 2015 I made Vancouver my home and  have been working with clients ranging corporate leaders to actors to athletes.  Since 2016 my team and I have been holding down the highest rated class on ClassPass.  In January 2017 did me the honour of adding me to their list of top trainers to watch.Thanks for reading,


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