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As someone in your corner I am going to keep you accountable and will always be honest with you. Some people love me for it, and some people run for the hills. That's okay with me. My mission is to help people lose stubborn fat and keep it off with sustainable habits.  If that means referring you to someone more qualified than me, I'm good with that too.

"When I was ready to take my fitness to the next level- I knew it had to be Kevin! He consistently checks in as to how he can support my personal goals and lift me up to ensure I am on track to reaching them. "

Laura Aucoin

"Loved working with Kevin! He created workouts that targeted my goals and were super fun, challenged me, and definitely enhanced my strength! He made sure that I was happy throughout the coaching! Definitely recommend if you want to reach the next level, from wherever you are at!"

Laurence Annez de Taboada

"Kevin Maynard ...Is... #SIMPLYTHEBEST. His training is thoughtful, measured, and he adds a keen attention to detail as to what's necessary and not what's needed, a key component as it saves our most important resource, our TIME. Working out with Kevin IS INVESTING IN OUR TIME and I recommend him to you warmly and enthusiastically. "

Adnan H Sarwar

"Kevin elevates your fitness as well as your frequency. His ability to find what works for you and improve your mindset and fight through fitness along with his passion for people and connection really sets hm apart from your average trainer. Do your mind and body a favour and enlist Kevin's help. Get ready to have multiple goals because you'll smash them. He won't let you down. "

Bernard Himona

Celeste Wanted To Get Stronger


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