3 Simple Secrets To Be More Consistent

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2020

If you know me then you know that I like to get right to the point. Today's post will be no different however I'd like to add some necessary nuance to today's post because consistency is a complex expression of our mentality.
To illustrate this let me quickly share a personal example. 

Here’s the scenario... I just ended and four year relationship, moved to a new city, had no clients, had no community for support. 
You might be thinking, duh it would be hard to function consistently under those conditions. My biggest mistake was that I didn't believe I was already enough and worthy of good things happening to me.  If you take nothing else away from this post I hope you remember these two things

1.  Decisions not conditions determine our destiny. 
2. Unsustainable habits create unsustainable results. 

Each secret to more consistency will be discovered through a mistake that I made in hopes that you will avoid making the same mistake. 

My First Mistake: Using self defeating thoughts as motivation.
I was newly single and felt like “I need to get in there.” “I have to get in shape so I will be loved.” “Once I have the body, I’ll get the girl.” -

It didn’t last because I was sending all the wrong messages to myself. 

Secret #1: Be positive with what you tell yourself about yourself.  
It may sound trite but it's true and there are so many studies supporting positive impact that belief has on positive outcomes. 

My Second Mistake: Not having a support system. 
This one is too obvious. It takes a team, village , tribe to do anything meaningful. 

Secret #2: Create an environment that supports your goal. That might be as extreme as needing to find new friends or moving to a new city like I did. It could also be as simple as finding updating your social media following with a few more positive role models to keep you inspired to do more. I like to think you've found that in me:) 

My Third Mistake: Ignoring diet and training like a madman.
I was training twice a day sometimes three times. I almost passed out in a few workouts because I wasn’t eating enough. I thought “if I eat less and move more I’ll get there faster.” 

Secret #3: Simplify eating for fat loss. 
You can use my free calorie calculator to get you going. Check it out here. 

This was the body I created as a result of my unsustainable habits. 

Not a bad set of abs. But I went about it all wrong. And I know that because it felt like I was holding my breath every day. I couldn’t relax. I had to train hard. Eat nothing and feel bad in order to be loved. 

What to do instead.  
repeat this statement I AM MAGNIFICENT. I AM GREAT. I AM ... (well...how awesome are you?!)
Are you capable? YES!
Are you strong? YES!
Do you know you can do it? YES. 

That’s the difference now. I I have abs and they aren’t going anywhere because I took a path of believing in and loving myself to get here. 

And you can too.


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