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Personal Training

  • In-person training custom fit to your fitness level and your individual goals.
  • Ongoing advice and support to help you stay accountable and consistent with your diet, nutrition and routine. 
  • Restorative practices to help with flexibility, mobility and nagging injuries. 
  • Workouts designed to be as fun as they are challenging!
  • Train in the newly renovated fitness centre in the beautiful Fairmont Vancouver Hotel. 



Get results like these clients

Client Stories


I met Kevin through my wife telling me all about his classes so we started couples workouts together.

My wife and I had very different goals but Kevin made it possible for us to workout on different programs in the same session!

I never would have imagined that over the age of 40 I could become the most lean I have ever been in my life. Kevin knows his stuff and makes it so simple to get results. 


I reached out to Kevin because I wanted to improve my overall strength and feel more confident working out by myself at my gym.

Right away he made me feel comfortable and it was interesting how simple he made my program but exciting how effective it was at helping me see more shape in my glutes and core. 

Kevin has been an invaluable coach, trainer, and friend. I cannot recommend him enough to anyone who wants to tighten up their fitness regime and nutrition. 


My friends recommended Kevin when I was recovering from a car accident.

I wanted to improve my overall strength and regain the athleticism that I'd lost after the accident. 

I had never worked out at home with just a single dumbbell and I was doubtful that I would be able to see results with so little but Kevin had a plan!

I'm elated! I'm the strongest I've ever been, I'm the fittest I've ever been and Kevin has been a huge part of the puzzle for me. So ya, I'd really recommend him!

Newly Renovated Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Let's work together. 

Please send me an email with the details requested and I'll get back to you within 48 hours to set up a FREE consultation video call.  

Consultations are casual, hassle free, conversations. You will not be pushed to buy anything. This is all about hearing you out and coming up with a game plan that works for you. 

Tell me a bit about yourself. 

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